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St Bede’s School strives to create an educational experience for all students that is strongly grounded in our Parish community. The education of our students, staff and parents begins with an invitation to explore and grow in understanding of our faith and how we can live it out within school and the wider community.

The pastoral care of all students is an important focus and we place significant emphasis on Student Wellbeing so that we may offer an education that is holistic. We give time to meeting and working with parents in order to build relationships that strengthen and enrich the way we work.

We are keen to build a school culture where staff value working together. We encourage all staff, inclusive of our leadership team, to be responsive in the way they work and to be open and reflective when reviewing their own performance and needs. There is a very genuine commitment to working with individuals so that staff will be skilled to improve student outcomes.

We unreservedly create a school culture where expectations, structures and processes are focused on our endeavour to meet the needs of students. We encourage strong commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.


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Brian Grace

School Principal

Larissa Boyhan

Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching Leader & Prep Classroom Teacher

Bernadette Reed

RE Leader & Music Teacher

Chris Comand

Office Manager

Marianne Moore School Bursar

Kahli Schroder

Year 5/6 Teacher & Student Wellbeing Leader

Kristina Ferentinos

Year 3/4  Classroom Teacher

Nancy Catania

Learning Support Officer

Sarah Gerard

French Language Assistant

Nicole Richardson 

Year 3/4  Classroom Teacher

Stephen Walsh

Year 2  Classroom Teacher & Mathematics Leader

Marisa Bucello

Learning Support Officer

Amanda Martin

Learning Diversity Leader & Literacy Support

Leah Chapman

Learning Support Officer

Ruby Harris

Year 2 Classroom


Aidan Cotchett

Prep Classroom Teacher

Fiona Clifford Learning Support Officer

Richard Price

Physical Education Teacher

Vera Dais

Learning Support Officer

Barbara Beis

Learning Support Officer

Justin McFarlane

Year 5/6 Classroom Teacher

Catrina Morabito

Year 5/6 Classroom Teacher

James Carbines Year 3/4 Classroom Teacher & Mathematics Leader

Sofie Puopolo

Learning Support Officer

Jessica Sartori

Year 3/4 Classroom Teacher

Kitty Wood

Year 1 Classroom Teacher

Diana Antonello Prep

Classroom Teacher

Catherine Archibald 

Visual Arts Teacher


O’ Donnell

Maintenance Manager

Jemima Boyhan

Learning Support Officer

Rita Fitzgerald

Digital Technologies Leader & Digital Technologies Teacher

Cara Barrett

Digital Technologies Teacher

Aliesha Moulder

Year 5/6 Classroom Teacher

Enza Xerri

Learning Support Officer

Leonie Mani

Learning Support Officer

Annabelle Boyhan

Learning Support Officer

Katie Day

Learning Support Officer


St Bede’s is one of two Catholic Schools in the parish of St Anne and St Bede. St Bede’s school was established in 1945 by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and commenced on the 19th February with 21 students. Sr Catherine Brabender was the last Sister of Our Lady of the Missions to lead St Bede’s school.

There has always been a very strong community spirit and the support of parents and their close involvement in all aspects of the school and parish has been one of its strengths. This continues into the present day.

Today St Bede’s is a thriving school community with just over 288 students and 13 class groupings.





Our winter and summer uniform is available from Bob Stewart shop in Kew. 

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We also have a second hand uniform shop. Details are available here.